Double drawn extensions are largely regarded as better than single drawn extensions due to its marked differences. With a more expensive price tag though, it’s not surprising to find buyers avoiding the product and favoring single-drawn types. However, doing so might make you miss out on having the perfect hair for any occasion. Following are some of the advantages of double drawn hair extensions that make them the better choice.

Same Length Hair

Double drawn hair extensions all have the same length of hair strands, creating a thick and straight mass. Single types usually have multiple strands of different-length hairs, creating an inconsistent thickness and tips that tend to stick out. The similarity in length also makes it easier to comb and style without worrying about pulling some strands out.

Stronger Tips

The hair remains consistent from the top to the bottom, offering a strong tip line with a straight edge. You’ll find that single drawn extensions tend to end at a point, creating an uneven extension that doesn’t really look good after being attached. In fact, a lot of women put on the extensions only to cut off 2 inches at the bottom to even it out. With a double drawn type, this problem is non-existent.

Looks Better

Without a doubt, double drawn extensions look better when attached to the hair due to its more even and refined look. The similar hair lengths offer body and movement that you just can find with single drawn extensions. Not only that but the double drawn types are easier to manage and tend to last longer. Depending on how you maintain the extension, double drawn retains its shine and thickness for a very long time.

Types, Styles and Colors

To top it off, double drawn hair extensions come in all shapes and form. The market offers a wide array of choices, letting you find the color, length and style that match your hair perfectly. You can get clip-on attachments or something more permanent, depending on your preferences.

Double drawn extensions are all done by hand to ensure that each strand is of the perfect length. Hence, it takes more time and labor to do – which justifies the slightly pricier cost of the product. Fortunately, there are enough of these in the market to help you find something within your price range. When searching for one however, make sure to look for extensions with excellent texture and thickness to determine quality.

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