Are You Sure Of What You Hope For?

You hope. You pray. You wait. However, the question becomes “are you sure of what you hope for? It’s a ritual with you. You have the dream, the strategy and you are willing to work until your hands are numb to achieve your goal. However, deep within the recesses of your thoughts, you hear the nagging nudges of doubt.

You know well their song of silence. It begins with a feeling. A small innocuous feeling; that begins to float against your mind and then looms ever so close to every step that moves you closer to your goal. The feeling hovers like a dark cloud that slowly moves to block out the sun. The dance of doubt has arrived and you are not sure of what you hope for.

This is the moment that you must be mindful of. This is the time when doubt begins to assail your thoughts of health; wealth and happiness. This is the time when doubt and her army march toward your soul with a purpose and intent that if allowed will overwhelm you. The song that was once silent is now blasting through your wall of confidence and you begin your own dance of not being sure what you are hoping for.

The two worlds within your soul have collided and you the owner of your own soul; feel the struggle. You know that you should not listen to the song of doubt; however, because it sings so loudly you cannot hear the small voice that is whispering to you that all is alright. Doubt has your thoughts and you listen.  Doubt has your heart and you wail. Doubt has your mind and you crumble. Doubt has your eyes as you view the false appearance before you and you believe what you see.

Where is your certainty of what you hope for? Where is the faith that you know waits for your to call? Why do you stumble within the gap of your divided soul when the light of faith is always there? Why are you not sure of what you have hoped for?

You have done what you were supposed to do in order to achieve your desires. You have been diligently taking care of the steps that are required to be successful. So, if you have done all of the things that lead to your success, then why are you not sure of what you have hoped for? Why do you doubt because the picture isn’t appearing as you think it should be? Why are you melting under the intense gaze of fear? Why are you not sure of what you have hoped for?

You know the answer to this question, don’t you? You know the thoughts that should be cemented across your mind. You know that you should be certain of what you have hoped for. You should know that what you have hoped for is yours for the taking. All that is required of you is that you are certain when you ask. All that is asked of you is that you have faith. All that has ever been asked of you is that once you ask you never question whether you will receive.

As a child of the universe; your request if for the good of you, and all concerned, will be supplied. Be certain of what you hope for; it is already yours.

India road trip [route by road] website review

Review: Travel website – India road trip []:

The Unique All India Road Trip – “SOLO DRIVE”:

This is a description of the India Road Trip Website – India road trip. This travel blog is a unique road trip website in various fronts. The website unfolds the story of Sajit as he drives solo in his Ford Figo car across India. The uniqueness of the story emanates from the fact that there aren’t many Pan India road trips undertaken solo. Many folks prefer to drive in groups as they feel safer in a “pack” especially if it’s a very long road trip. But yes things have started to change now with few folks going solo on their road trips.


India Road Trip Khajuraho to Panna National Park to Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh DSCN5527 2304x1728 300x225 India road trip [route by road] website review


Not Just a plain Road Trip driver going in a pack – A Traveller, Blogger, Photographer, Navigator, Web Developer, Web Designer, a Researcher and a Travel Technologist:

Apart from driving solo, I was enamoured by the number of tasks accomplished by Sajit during the solo road trip and all this by himself – please note that this was not a sponsored road trip – self financed endeavour and one of its kind. Sajit engaged himself in driving across India, capturing photographs while driving, capturing videos using his Nikon camera, blogging on the website – all India road trip, hunting for hotels and motels on the fly and believe me or not web development and web designing on the WordPress platform which includes editing thousands of Photographs using Intel microprocessor based Ultrabook / Netbook.

The Live Capture of the India Road Trip:

The “most” unique feature of this road trip was something envisaged by Sajit to capture the whole trip live – yes he wanted to do this for the people – other travel enthusiasts to enjoy and not keep the whole enjoyment and the memories of the trip to oneself. He captured days and days of videos using his Intel based Android smartphone – the Xolo X900 for the other like-minded Travel enthusiasts to watch live – even years down the lane the memories of this unique Road Trip remains enlightened by these live videos – which seem so live even today! When Sajit researched on the Smartphone to be used for this road trip which needs to be extremely and super sturdy to bear the heat generated during hours and days of continuous operation capturing live videos of the road trip using the Bambuser application and also simultaneously guiding the India road trip using Google navigation on the Android Smartphone. After long research Intel Smartphone came to the assistance to guide this road trip and make it a success. The Intel microprocessor based Android Smartphone was the eyes of this India Road Trip. Intel Smartphone was the obvious choice because of the sturdiness of the processor and the phone. Finally Sajit closed on the Xolo X900. Down the lane on his Road Trip, Sajit noticed the Intel Smartphone’s GPS to be extraordinary – The GPS Signals were always reachable even in the remotest and hilly terrains and the Intel based Smartphone never ditched him even once during the trip. A Smartphone with a great GPS signal strength is a “MUST MUST” (cannot stress this more) for solo travellers – you just need a smartphone which can handle this. This enabled Sajit to capture the most beautiful moments of his Trip live to digital format videos for him, Sajit’s well-wishers and other like-minded travel enthusiasts to cherish for ages to come.

The India Road Trip Website:

The India Road Trip website was designed by Sajit after he was denied membership from a popular travel portal – where this is a will there is always a way. The Travel website – India road trip has become so popular today, that the decision to start the website was definitely the right decision. The all India road trip travelogue photo album captures over 6500 Photographs from the India Road Trip, 142 HD videos captured using the Nikon camera and uploaded to YouTube. It also has another section where there are days and days of live Bambuser videos captured using the super sturdy Intel based Android Smartphone Xolo X900. The website boasts of over 500 unique and real visitors daily – which translates to over 15000 visitors monthly and 180 thousand real and unique visitors annually.


India Road Trip Khajuraho to Panna National Park to Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh DSCN5528 2304x1728 300x225 India road trip [route by road] website review


Other Portals on the India Road Trip Portal –

Sajit plans to host various other Local Road Trip tales as well into this portal – Route by Road. He has been capturing live Bambuser videos under the Title – Indiaroadtrip which can be watched from his website via the page – India road trip live video coverage. These video speak for themselves the tales of Sajit’s other local adventures on the road.

Sajit also plans to capture articles, photographs, videos, live videos of all the worthwhile travel places, resorts and less heard of adventure spots in and around Bangalore as well.

Other upcoming road adventures from Sajit to be captured live by the India Road Trip travelogue – India road trip articles. Sajit will be undertake another adventure Road Trip soon – A “Diamond Triangle” as he refers to. A triangular Road Trip from Bangalore to Hyderabad to Pune to Bangalore. The uniqueness of this Road Trip will be that Sajit will attempt the cover this 2000 Kilometres “India Diamond Triangle” Route in “non-stop”, in one stretch without even a single stop. He wants this road trip push man (Sajit himself) and the machine (Ford Figo hatchback Petrol ESX car) to the limits of endurance. This will be real test of both man and machine. Best of luck from Sajit’s well-wisher for both Sajit and the Ford Figo for this high endurance Solo Road Trip. The trip will being sometime beginning next year. The trip starts from Hoskote, Bangalore. Keep glued to the website – Indian road trip for news and updates on this soon.


India Road Trip Khajuraho to Panna National Park to Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh DSCN5529 2304x1728 300x225 India road trip [route by road] website review India Road Trip Khajuraho to Panna National Park to Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh DSCN5530 2304x1728 300x225 India road trip [route by road] website review India Road Trip Khajuraho to Panna National Park to Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh DSCN5531 2304x1728 300x225 India road trip [route by road] website review India Road Trip Khajuraho to Panna National Park to Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh DSCN5532 2304x1728 300x225 India road trip [route by road] website review


Proper Flu and Cold Treatment

If you have the flu, there are many ways to help cure it. There are over the counter treatments that you can buy to help you find relief and rest with the flu. There is Theraflu, Tylenol, Advil, among many other medications. Some medications are specifically for morning or evenings to help you rest (or stay alert). The medications come in various forms: some are pills that taste a little bitter. Others are flavored pills (usually minty flavors). Some medications are liquid and can be taken with a cup that comes with the medication itself. But before you rush out to buy the medications, there are some other ways to help fight the flu or cold.

WebMD recommends eight tips to treat colds and the flu in a natural way, aside from the medications. First, it is important to stay rested. Sleep helps a person relax as his or her body fights the cold or the flu. This is particularly important as our immune systems tend to be working very hard to fight the illness. Give it the rest it needs. Another step is to blow your nose frequently to rid your body of the extra mucus your body is releasing.

The next tip is to gargle. WebMD recommends a teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water, four times daily. The website also suggests the use honey and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a well known and traditional remedy for all kinds of illnesses, from stomachaches to the flu. It helps clean out your system from viruses and helps clear the passageways in your nose and throat. It is crucial to stay hydrated, particularly with hot liquids. In fact, warm showers are also recommended to moisturize your nasal passages and relax you

According to, soup does help with congestion because the hot steam from the soup may be its chief advantage although laboratory studies have actually reported that ingredients in the soup may have anti-inflammatory effects. The website also warns of the overuse of Vitamin C. It states, High doses of vitamin C may cause headaches, intestinal and urinary problems, and even kidney stones.

The website does recommend the use of zinc, however, because it appears to influence the immune system and it may have a direct effect on viruses. In addition, it is recommended to consume spicy foods with hot peppers because they can assist in clearing sinuses.

They also recommend eating foods rich vitamin A and vitamin C. Some of these foods are oranges, kiwi, and tomatoes for vitamin C, and sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli for vitamin A. However, eating fruits and vegetables in general would be a good idea, so eat up and rest. May this flu leave you be!

How to Prevent the Flu

How to Prevent the Flu
Flues are no fun and treatment for it takes a long time, so how do you avoid it? First, remember to wash your hands often, especially after going outside. There are lots of antibacterial soaps out there that can help with staying sanitary and safe. However, as Jeanie Lerche Davie writes on WebMD, there are also habits we can avoid in order to avoid the flu. Resist the urge. Little habits — touching eyes, putting finger to nose, biting nails — give the flu virus a welcome mat into your system. She quotes Robert Schwartz, who says that the bad habits are the main way a virus gets into your system, via the oral and respiratory nasal route.

Lerche recommends using post it notes to remind everyone in a given household to break habits. She quotes Rachel Orschlen, who says that context makes the notes and reminders even more effective. Orschlen says, “They have to remember that now is cold and flu season, and eyes and nose are how germs get into the body. Remind them, too, that they need to wash hands often.” reminds us that washing our hands is absolutely crucial, particularly after having contact with someone else. They dont have to be sick visibly in order for the flu to be passed down, so the website advises, wash your hand after every time you shake someones hand. The website quotes Mark Mengel, chair of community and family medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, who claims that running water over your hands frequently can help dilute the viruses you get on them.

Mengel also advises us to avoid touching our mouths, noses, and eyes, since this is how the virus usually is around. Sleep and rest are also crucial elements in avoiding getting sick. Stress tends to lower our immune system and so it is important to sleep. Mengel recommends eight to ten hours of sleep per night.

Of course, getting your flu shot, taking care of yourself by eating well, eating healthy food with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and by exercising. In, Ann G. Kulze, CEO and founder of Dr. Ann and Just Wellness, suggests that working out boosts your immune system. Another important thing to remember is that smoking increases our chances of getting sick, since it destroys cilia, fibers inside our nose that help fight infection, Mengel notes.

There is also the importance of doing common sense things such as: avoiding sick people and using sanitary wipes or gels to keep yourself safe from any viruses.

Most importantly, and every source out there will remind you of the importance of smiling, being happy is the best way to fight off disease. So, smile!

Getting the Flu Shot

Getting the Flu Shot
Ah, it is the season. Its winter season, the season of sniffles and coughs. Before someone tell you that influenza is no big deal, check out this statistic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Over a period of 31 seasons between 1976 and 2007, estimates of flu-associated deaths in the United States range from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people. Those are scary numbers, are they not? But, wait. Thats not all! In addition, before we have someone say that its too early or too late to get the flu shot, you can quote this statistic: the seasonal flu season in the United States can begin as early as October and as last as late as May.

Okay: so, now we know that is important to take the flu shot, but the question is how does it work and are there different kinds of flu shots? Yes, there are! The flu shot is only one option. There is also nasal spray flu vaccine, which is known as Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV). What these two types of protection cause, however, is the same thing: they cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination.

The flu shot is an inactivated vaccine (containing killed virus). The shot comes in three different formats: a regular flu shot for people older than six months, a high dose flu for people over sixty-five years, and a flu shot for people between eighteen and sixty-four years old.

The nasal spray flu vaccine is a little different because it is made with live, weakened viruses that is given as a nasal spray. According to, there are some side effects to the flu shot and nasal spray: Mild reactions such as soreness, headaches, and fever are common side effects of the flu vaccine.

The National Institute on Aging warns that the flu is not always contagious when in contact with someone who has the flu, The flu is contagiousthat means it spreads from person to person, often through the air. The website reminds us that You need a flu shot every year for two reasons. First, flu viruses change. Each years virus may be just a little different. If the virus changes, the vaccine used in the flu shot is changed. Second, the protection you get from a flu shot lessens with time, especially in older people.

So, dont dismiss the flu shot signs. Get the shot to stay protected, safe, and healthy this flu season, particularly since this is a season that is takes up a huge chunk of our calendars. Its best for you to stay healthy and health-conscious.

Flu Symptoms

Flu Symptoms
So, you are feeling a little funky but you are not sure if its the flu or not? Never fear! Here are some of the flu symptoms, according A 100oF or higher fever or feeling feverish, cough and/or sore throat, a runny or stuffy nose, headaches and/or body aches, chills, and fatigue.

Often, a person with the flu goes through shivers and experiences pain in the sinus areas (the temple and under the nose). Sometimes, flu symptoms also include severe pain in the joints and a general sense of weakness, sleepiness, and flushed skin. WebMD also mentions ill appearance with warm, flushed skin and red, watery eyes along with a dry cough

Mayo lists a specific fever number (100.4 degrees or higher) and extreme fatigue as some of the symptoms of the flu, along with severe muscle ache. These symptoms need to last more than forty-eight hours. Flu lists four symptoms with the acronym FACTS: F- for fever, A for aches, C for chills, T for tiredness, S for sudden onset.

Now, the question remains whether it is the flu or just a cold. The two share a lot in common, however, they have distinct features that set them apart. For instance, when a person has a cold, fevers and headaches are rare. However, with the flu, the two symptoms are quite prominent according to WebMD. What distinguishes cold is a stuffy nose, sneezing, a sore throat and mild chest pain. The flu, on the other hand, has extreme exhaustion and fatigue that can last up to two to three weeks.

Their complications vary, too: a cold gone awry can cause a sinus congestion whereas a flu left untreated can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia, both of which are extremely dangerous and have the potential of being fatal.

The means of preventing both illnesses varies. For a cold, preventing it comes from good hygiene, as WebMD notes, which includes the use of hand sanitizers, wipes in stores before touching shopping carts, and so on. On the other hand, the flu can be prevented by the flu shot or nasal flu vaccination. As for treatment, both have vastly different ways of treating the illness. Colds cannot be cured by any specific medication. Instead, medications can be used to deal with the individual symptoms of colds. As for the flu, a prescribed anti-viral antibiotic may be needed to deal with the virus. There are also some over the counter flu medications that can assist in making the process of healing shorter, faster, and more efficient (as well as less painful for the patient). So, check your local drugstore for medications and give your physician a visit if you think you have the flu.

Flu Shot

Flu Shot
Snivels, sneezes, headaches, and exhaustion are some of the symptoms of the flu, as well as a fever, fatigue, and body aches. According to, the flu is highly infectious and is a serious viral respiratory infection. When someone has the flu, it is serious and exhausting, the symptoms are severe and prolonged and cause individuals to miss days of work or school. The infection stresses the body. In addition, super-infections may occur […] bacterial infections that occur on top of a respiratory infection. Especially among the elderly and the young, the flu can be fatal if left untreated because it is so strong.

There are two kinds of flu vaccines: the injection and the nasal spray vaccine. The injection contains a killed version of the virus. On the other hand, the nasal spray vaccine has a live, but severely weakened, virus. Every year, the viruses develop differently and so it is important to take the vaccination on a yearly basis to battle the new strand of the flu.

The flu shot works in a really interesting manner. It is injected into muscles or skin and stimulates the immune system to produce an immune response (antibodies) to the influenza virus. It is usually given as a single dose of 0.5 ml. There are three dosages of the flu shot: one is for the average person ages eighteen to sixty four. Then, there is a special higher dosage for those over sixty-five. And there is another dosage specifically for children under six months old. The vaccine helps the body produce antibodies to fight the strand of the flu virus.

According to, the flu shot can help prevent many things, Getting the vaccine has been shown to offer substantial other benefits including reducing illness, antibiotic use, time lost from work, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Currently, the 2012-2013 flu vaccine is made from the following three viruses, according to
A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)-like virus
A/Victoria/361/2011 (H3N2)-like virus
B/Wisconsin/1/2010-like virus
The vaccine, however, is not fool-proof. says, The 2012-2013 flu vaccine will not protect against the H3N2v flu, associated with exposure to swine, which resulted in more than 300 flu cases in 2011 and 2012.

The flu can be a dangerous and exhausting illness that can take away from your work, your social life, your fun, and your energy. Take care of yourself. Invest in your health. Keep sanitization and cautious contact with others as priorities for you. In addition, try to head to your local drugstore to see if they offer the newest vaccination for your health. Remember, you must invest in yourself this flu season to be strong, healthy, and safe this 2013! Have a wonderful year!

The Perfect Diet To Prevent Hair Loss

Losing hair has always been a big problem to everybody. Admit it! Hair is the first thing that people would notice. Upon discovering, the first thing that comes in your mind is the cause, the possible treatments and your overall health condition. Hair loss arises with different factors and wide range of possible treatments. Some hair loss is more extreme than others that is why knowing the real root of the problem is incredibly important. However, among other possible treatments in preventing hair loss through diet, theres this one topmost factor that needs to be changed diet and lifestyle. Preventing hair loss through diet plays a big part in our overall health. If we eat nutritious foods and follow strict rules of dieting, then you will have a wellness lifestyle. Just like our very own body parts, hair also can be helped by preventing hair loss through diet.

Even though hair loss is also known as androgenic alopecia and may be due to genetic which is believed to be unavoidable for those people affected on it, still a healthy diet would make a big difference in the severity of the condition. One of the ways on preventing hair loss through diet is cholesterol. Cholesterol is what converts into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. DHT has been revealed to be the major cause to androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. You should know that a high fat diet and excess cholesterol are both combined with extreme levels of sedentary activity and may speed up the pending hair loss. Dropping your fat ingestion combined with habitual aerobic exercise is a prevailing method for fighting baldness.

Preventing hair loss through diet is effective when you stop ingesting excessive quantity of fatty foods that will lead to hair loss. The opposition for this can also be the factor. If not properly moderated, a lot of severe weight loss programs, may result in harsh health issues like hair loss. Such severe boundaries like fad diets associate to vitamin insufficiency within the body. One way of preventing hair loss through diet is an appropriate amount of antioxidants and nutrients. Both are necessary to keep the cells normally functioning and healthy. Hair is a being and needs enough nutrients and protein daily to flourish. Therefore, depriving the body of these nutrients will greatly result to stunted growth and brittle hair.

If you have plans on preventing hair loss through diet, then consider fruits and vegetables are both rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E and antioxidants. These are all vital to boost oxygenation and circulation of the blood. This helps the body to enhance its natural ability to combat disease and fight scalp infections which results to hair loss. Another way on preventing hair loss through diet is through chicken and fish some protein sources like nuts always help to maintain the levels of protein necessary for regular hair strength and growth. Omega-3 fatty acids are available to fight scalp inflammation.
The top most important ways among preventing hair loss through diet is to drink plenty of water. Water has been one of the most imperative features of a healthy diet. Dehydration affects numerous health problems.

Preventing hair loss through diet is the safest and most effective natural ways you can do to attain optimal health.

Stop Excessive Falling Of Hair Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Stop Excessive Falling Of Hair Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Admit it. No one loves to witness their hair starting to fall out. But reality speaking, both men and women experience this situation in many ways. Some are few while others are extreme. Hair loss does have many factors and each varies. Despite of this sad reality, you do not have to worry about it because there are natural treatments you can make use to re-grow your hair. The most crucial thing is to make a move when your plan on preventing excessive hair loss has all been set.

Before anything else, go and speak with your doctor. Experiencing extreme hair loss may be a sign of serious medical condition or it could be a result of hair allergy or side effects from medications. Preventing excessive hair loss is easier by treating and managing the underlying condition and main root of the problem. It is incredibly important to be acquainted with the root of the problem to be effective on preventing excessive hair loss. As you know, excessive hair loss occurs for many reasons. The treatment type you need the most will depend on the cause of the falling strands. Discuss your state with a doctor so that your doctor will give you proper tips on preventing excessive hair loss. You may have a causal health condition which causes your hair to lose more and these may be thyroid problems, lupus, anemia, and hormonal changes that cause thinning.

There is some situation where in preventing excessive hair loss is not that easy especially when it comes to genetic or hereditary problems such as pattern baldness. The other name of pattern baldness is androgenic alopecia. Professionals believe that alopecia is caused by the extreme production of DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Men produce DHT in testicles, while women on their ovaries. Dihydrotestosterone diminishes the blood flow to the follicles. In this process, it prevents them from receiving nutrients as they need the blood to transport the vitamins and proteins to the follicles. Due to their incapability to function, hair follicles lose their capacity to grow hairs which leads the strands to fall out. Preventing excessive hair loss in this situation is possible by making use of treatment that lowers the DHT levels in the body.

Preventing excessive hair loss is possible with vitamins as they can help invalidate excessive hair loss. You should know that Vitamin B provides a healthy color and texture to the strands. It also aids the body to produce more protein in order to nurture the strands. The Vitamin E on the other hand increases blood flow to the scalp. This aids the strands to receive the sustenance they need given that the blood which carries the protein, vitamins and minerals to the roots are fed.

Preventing excessive hair loss is always possible with herbal remedies. The herbs that are great at preventing excessive hair loss are rosemary, green tea, root extract on herbs nettle, and saw palmetto.
All of them are capable to lower the levels of DHT in the body.

It is incredibly imperative for you to start preventing excessive hair loss as soon as you see that your strands are falling. This will drastically amplify your likelihood of getting strands to naturally grow back.

How to Stop Losing Hair After Giving Birth – 7

How to Stop Losing Hair After Giving Birth – 7 Effective Ways

The motherhoods absolute joy is unfathomable. You have waited this for so long and when the baby is safely delivered and finally come out, you had that chance to see yourself at the mirror and wondering why your hair is slowly falling out. It is normal to be uncertain and anxious about this situation but you are not the only one suffering from this one because this is not new to everybody since ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth has been revealed already.

Each day, you will see strands that are slowly balding. You did not jump into conclusions because your doctor has informed you how healthy you are, but something is really wrong with this. Before anything else, it is best to learn more about your condition and look for ways to overcome so that you may go on with marvelling at your newborn baby without being anxious with your curls.
Below are the fifth effective ways and these ways are used by the majority of ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth.

First effective way that ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth is to eat right. There is no better than eating healthy and nutritious foods. Diet always plays a big art in our health in many ways. The diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are high in flavonoids and antioxidants that protect the follicles of your hair. Fruits and vegetables also help in fastening the process of the hair roots.

The second effective that ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth way is to take supplements that contain significant elements that are beneficial to your body such as Vitamins B, C and E complex. Zinc also is beneficial to make your hair stronger and healthier.

The third effective way that ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth is to figure out the shampoo you is used Make sure your shampoo has a biotin or silica content. Both silica and biotin help in stimulating the follicle growth and making your hair even stronger. A shampoo that contains both elements is commendable for every use. To be more effective, use it with cold water.
The fourth effective way that ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth is to use a wide toothed brush. A wide toothed comb lessens the stresses of your hair. You also have to keep your hair from pulling because it worsens the condition. When you are still struggling with this situation, it is best to avoid complicated hair style such as hair braids, rollers and weaves. Keep in mind that your scalp need relax in the moment.

The fifth effective way which ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth is in distress. Stress is always the number one killer. When a person is stressed out for long periods, your health will be at risk. And this risk would integrate your hair.

Last but not the least tip which ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth do is avoid harsh chemicals and some other elements that can potentially harm your hair. Refrain from hair colors, and some harsh treatments is hair rebond. You need your hair to relax for longer period and remember you are still observing and treating them before it worsens.

Motherhood is wonderful; however it will be even more wonderful if you see yourself healthy despite the long awaited months for the angel to come out. Like ladies prevent hair loss after giving birth, you also have to follow the above mentioned tips to enjoy the utmost level of hair wellness.

Hair Loss Total Prevention

They said that hair is a crowning glory for every individual. Therefore, this is something that every person would not think twice when they notice that their hair falling out. Normally speaking, hair falls ever day but not in excess amount. It is a normal mechanism of humans body but when the hair loss is excess, this is something that you need to worry. When you notice that your hair is starting to fall, the best thing to do is to prevent them rather than waiting to become worst. You should know how to prevent hair loss before starts.

Before knowing how to prevent hair loss before starts, it is important to know the causes. Hair loss is caused by lots of different conditions such as stress, anemia, sickness, and surgery and weight changes. When we talk about temporary hair loss, it usually starts three months after the event and it occurs typically approximately for three months. You should know how to prevent hair loss before starts and use this understanding for your own benefit.

First of all make use of aloe Vera to prevent total hair loss. A lot of people find aloe vera to be effective and efficient in preventing hair loss. Take some and try to apply it to your head during bed time. The small amount of aloe Vera will stimulate the blood flow to the scalp. The second thing on how to prevent hair loss before starts is to avoid harsh chemicals. You should use quality hair care products. Keep in mind that for your hair to become healthy, you should consult a hairstylist every week and try to avail hair cuts to avoid split ends. The third thing on how to prevent hair loss before starts is to help the hair that has already fallen out to re-grow. You have to gentle massage the scalp using mineral oil to soften and lubricate the skin.

The fourth thing is to keep away from pollutants and toxins. The harmful substances will make your hair less healthy and as it struggles, it will lead to hair loss. The fifth thing on how to prevent hair loss before starts is to avoid brushing hair while wet. If your hair is wet, chances are the hair will become damaged and will make it split and fall out more. The sixth thing to do with how to prevent hair loss before starts is to get involved in your daily diet. Drink beverages and eat foods that are high in vitamin A and Vitamin E because both are noted as fundamental nutrients for healthy hair. Include walnuts, fish and olive oil to your diet to strengthen your hair. In addition, you also have to include vitamin C in your diet because it contains collagen. Collagen is necessary for living health hair
Last but not the least is to know where and when the hair loss began. A lot of times, hair loss starts upon using certain products. If this is the reason, you might as well stop the current hair product you are using.

It is incredibly disappointing to know and see that your hair is slowly falling. To keep away from this situation, search as much information on how to prevent hair loss before starts and implement them.

Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

When we talk about permanent hair loss, in such cases, it is a result of hereditary or genetic influences. On the other hand, temporary hair loss is the result of many other factors and among the many factors, it has been said that diet plays a major factor. If you follow a proper diet, then you will keep away from poor nutrition. Thus, this will help you reduce hair loss or thinning. Therefore, it is important to know the good foods for preventing hair loss.

Below are the lists that may help you determine good foods for preventing hair loss:


Carrots are excellent nourishment for the hair. It works more on the scalp. When your scalp is healthy, it appears shiny, strong and well-conditioned hair that moisturized and nourished well.


If you notice that your hair is suffering from dryness, stiffness, discoloration, thinning which lead to hair fall and eventually hair loss, then prunes are one of the good foods for preventing hair loss. Prunes are great sources of fiber and iron and would enhance the air quality.


Oats are loaded with fiber and one of the good foods for preventing hair loss, they also contain high content of essential nutrients like iron, omega 6 fatty acids and zinc. These elements are also known as PUFAs or polyunsaturated fatty acids. On the other hand, Omega-6 fatty acids are necessary to sustain the normal skin, hair development and hair growth.


Eating too much red meat is not commendable. But for those who would love to build more muscle and enjoy the utmost benefit of protein, the wide diversity of sea food on hand, shrimps are a great alternative and one of the good foods for preventing hair loss. They do not excellently go well in pastas and curries, but their strong concentration of iron, Vitamin B12 and zinc contain all the needed sustenance to prevent hair loss.


Walnuts are one of the best hair friendly nuts and are always on the toplist among good foods for preventing hair loss. They do not only contain omega 6 fattty acids than any other food, but they are also rich in zinc, B vitamins (B6, B9 and B1), iron, and ample of protein. However, walnuts contain a small amount of selenium, therefore a small amount of nuts is without trouble.


Egg is definitely hairs best friend. It is loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin B12, proteins, zinc, Omega 6 fatty acids and iron in huge amounts. Eggs also are a great source of Vitamin B7 which aid fight for hair loss. Eggs have always been the good foods for preventing hair loss.

Iron-rich foods

Examples of the iron good foods for preventing hair loss are dried fruits, green leafy vegetables, liver, eggs, cherry juice, whole grain cereals and raisins.


Silica is a nutrient that improves the overall wellness of the hair. It promotes your hair to be healthier, reduces hair loss, promotes growth of hair, and strengthens the hair follicles, and most of all gives luster and shine to our hair. Studies revealed that when you ingest silica it slows down suffering of hair loss. One example of food rich in silica is raw oats. It is one of the good foods for preventing hair loss.

The above listed good foods for preventing hair loss is a great way to attain the optimal level of health quality.